What we expect

School is fortunate enough to have enlightened intelligentsia as parents. They are requested to extend their interest. Community cooperation is essential for the smooth running of an institution.

The parents are requested to ensure the following.

  1. The children are provided with the prescribed books, stationery and their school dues are paid in time.
  2. The children come to the school regularly and punctually.
  3. The children devote sufficient time at home to prepare their lessons and complete the home assignments.
  4. Parents are requested to refrain from criticizing the school and the teachers in the presence of their children.
  5. Parents are most welcome to see the Principal with their suggestions.
  6. Contacts with the teachers concerned through the Principal are suggested to the parents to satisfy themselves about the progress attendance and general behaviour of the children.
  7. Private tuitions are not to be arranged directly with the school teacher without the written permission of the Principal.
  8. Parents are requested for timely responses to the reports and information sent to them from the school.

Parents are also requested to insist on seeing the progress reports of their wards after each test and they should sign them in token of having seen the result. Proper steps should be taken to make up the deficiency in weak subjects.