Promotion to next class

Promotion is based on day-to-day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the internal examination.

  1. Every student is required to get a qualifying grade C from I to V and D in all the subjects from VI onwards as per scheme of study for the purpose of promotion to next class.
  2. A student getting E1 or E2 grade in scholastic areas in one or more subjects will have to improve his/her performance in one subsequent attempt to obtain qualifying Grade D in these subjects. For classes I to V a student getting D grade has to improve to get grade C for the purpose of promotion.
  3. In class IX, if a student fails to obtain qualifying grade D in one or more subjects, even after adding grade points from co-scholastic areas and after availing one improving chance, he/she will be required to repeat the same class.
  4. It is mandatory to appear in both Term-I & Term II during the academic year.