Students are advised to take-up discipline not as an irksome burden but as a joy for their own betterment. The ultimate objective of the school is to make student realize the importance of inner discipline.

Certain decorum of structural discipline are:

  • Students are to come to school clean and tidy in the prescribed uniform.
  • Students must be regular and punctual to the school.
  • Students are to be in their respective classes before the bell goes for their roll-call session.
  • Presence in the morning assembly is essential for every student. Complete silence has to observed in the Morning Assembly.
  • Students are not to leave the classes without the permission of their teachers.
  • No student is to leave the school premises without obtaining the written permission of class co-ordinator and the Principal.
  • Students guilty of causing damage to school property will be penalized.
  • Poor attendance, habitual negligence of studies, disobedience, lack of regard for the teacher and unbecoming behavior will be strongly dealt with.
  • Walking on lawn and plucking flowers etc. are forbidden.
  • Students suffering from infectious diseases are not allowed to attend the classes or to appear in examinations.
  • Cycling in the school premises is not allowed.
  • Books, stationery, bag, Tiffin box etc. should bear the name of the owner. The school is not responsible for the things which are lost.
  • Those who bring bicycle should keep them at the fixed place properly locked.
  • Once a student attends the school he/she is not allowed any short leave. In case of emergency the child can be escorted away by the parent with the written permission of the Principal/Co-ordinator.